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Credit Card Errors

The Clock is Ticking to Protect Yourself


Imagine you open your credit card bill, and the balance is not at all what you expected. Maybe you were charged twice for the new flat screen TV you bought. Or, maybe someone unknowingly stole your credit card and racked up thousands of dollars in charges. You would probably be wondering what to do next, and whether you will ultimately be responsible for the charges. 

Federal law affords consumers with significant protections in these situations--but there can be crucial time-sensitive deadlines that will determine whether those protections apply. For example, for a credit card, you may have only 60 days from when you first receive an incorrect charge on a statement to dispute it with the bank. But, those deadlines may be shorter in other situations, such if you were instead using a debit card instead of a credit card. And, the deadlines can get even more complicated if someone has stolen your card and used it without permission. So, the best practice is to notify your bank immediately to let them know that something is wrong. The sooner you are able to  tell the bank that something is wrong, the better your chances are of having the problem fixed. And, you should also provide that notice in writing. For many types of disputes, providing oral notice does not preserve your rights. 

However, sometimes, even if you provide written notice to the banks immediately, they still won't fix the problem. In that situation, it is important to have a lawyer on your side who has experience navigating this process. A lawyer can help make sure that no deadlines are missed, and that the banks are acting reasonably. And, if the banks do not act reasonably, a lawyer can help you enforce the protections you are entitled to by law.

We offer free consultations to discuss credit or debit card charges that you believe are improper. And, if we think that your rights have been violated, we can help you obtain the relief that you are entitled to--at no upfront cost to you. Instead, if we pursue your claim successfully, we either will receive a portion of your recovery, or, the lender may even be required to pay our fees on your behalf. Call us today to schedule an appointment, or, if you would rather, fill out the below form so we can begin to review your situation as soon as possible. Do not sit idly by and pay more than you are required to pay. And remember, the clock is ticking. You may lose your rights if you don't act right away. 

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